Arts and crafts were another favourite past time of Egyption children. Sometimes they would make a toy or amulet honoring their favourite god.

Ancient Egyptian art is five thousand years old. It emerged and took shape in ancient Egypt, the civilization of the Nile Valley. Most Egyptian art was expressed in paintings and sculptures. Much of the surviving art comes from tombs and monuments, creating an emphasis on life after death and the preservation of knowledge of the past.

The ancient art of Egyptian sculpture evolved to represent the ancient Egyptian gods, and Pharaohs, the divine kings and queens, in physical form. Very strict conventions were followed while crafting statues: male statues were darker than the female ones; in seated statues, hands were required to be placed on knees and specific rules governed appearance of every Egyptian god.

Ancient Egyptian paintings survived due to the extremely dry climate. The ancient Egyptians created paintings to make the afterlife of the deceased a pleasant place.  The themes included journey through the afterworld or their protective deities introducing the deceased to the gods of the underworld. Some tomb paintings show activities that the deceased were involved in when they were alive and wished to carry on doing for eternity. Egyptian paintings are painted in such a way to show a profile view, and a side view of the animal or person.

Page By: Haley Reynoldson



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