The question given to us at the beginning of our assignment is, (the mission 1 question) “”What was daily life like for the people of Ancient Egypt?”

     Daily life in Ancient Egypt was always quite high-class. Even as a slave you would continuously wear make-up, jewelery (not gold though) and clean tunics. However, the higher class your were the more sophisticated your life was.

     Almost all Ancient Egyptians thought of themselves at high regards. It has paid off because even in the present day they are thought of as very royal.  

     However, like most civilizations, there were many conflicts with nature. Because of the extreme heat, plants were very hard to grow. Also, because of this difficulty, the food was also limited. Once irrigation was developed, though, the plants weren’t as hard to produce.

     Sara, Haley and I (Bhavan) know more on our specific subtopics. You can preview what we have each specifically learned in the past 2 weeks by reading every page.

     However, the most important fact we have learned is that…


Written by… Bhavan Panghali


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  1. Haley said,

    March 4, 2007 at 9:44 am

    We did a pretty good job on this site, don’t you think guys (As in Bhavan and Sara). I like it 🙂 .

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