We put an image of a pyramid on our title page, because pyramids are one of the many things that Egypt is most known for. Not only are pyramids fascinating things to the people of the present time, they represent power and the meaning of the Egyptian people past and present.

     We put a picture of sculptues o fthe Pharoah and his wife because Pharoahs were very inportant to the people of Ancient Egypt.

Bhavan, Sara, and I (Haley) hope to learn these five things as we work on and develop our project:

1. What types of food Egyptians ate.

2. What itmes made up an Egyptians “wardrobe.”

3. How long is the Nile River?

4. How did the Nile River serve Ancient Egyptians?

5. What did Egyptian children learned in school?

Ancient Egypt is such a diverse topic and focusing on the sub-topic daily life helps us narrow down the amount of items we have yet to learn. The three of us have been intrigued from the beginning by all of the facts explaining Ancient Egypt. We hope to gain even more knowledge throughout the process of completeing our project.

Done By: Bhavan Panghali, Sara Poole and Haley Reynoldson


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