Self – Reflection

(Though I wrote the self-reflection, Bhavan, Sara and I all contributed to the answers.)

  1. We felt that the most important thing we learned was that although they did things much different than we do, Ancient Egyptians aren’t that different than people living today.
  2. I am most proud of how we found a common ground and worked out a resolution when we disagreed about something; Sara is most proud of how we worked together as a group; Bhavan is most proud of how efficiently we worked through the entire project.
  3. I think I could’ve found more information of art, but I didn’t bother to, because I wanted to get the project done; Sara thinks she could have found more information about her topics; Bhavan thinks she could’ve worked a little faster than we did.
  4. Bhavan and Sara learned that WordPress is very easy to use, because you can organize your thoughts more efficiently than PowerPoint and some other websites.
  5. Sara thought that I (Haley) did a good job because I brought the idea of WordPress to our group and managed to organize it so everything was simple and easy to find; Bhavan thought that Sara did a good job because she was always very hard-working and optimistic;I thought Bhavan did a good job because. . . she is a nerd 😛 . Just kidding. She did a good job because she was very enthusiastic and helped all of us when we needed it.
  6. We would like to add that we personally think we did a good job, and are proud of what we accomplished.

Page Written By: Haley Reynoldson

Answers From: All of us combined 🙂 .



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